Unchaining Negativism

Feb 11 2017, Mount Bromo, Java, Indonesia

I look out for adventures, my back turned towards you. I am out there, exploring, discovering, indulging, breathing, living – all at once. Look at me closely. Look how far away I am, from you. Look how far your mere presence in my life has taken me.

My mind is blank. The future seems bleak. I stare at the misty sky, above and beyond the horizon. I stand still in wonderment. I gaze into infinity.

I am surprised. Surprised, how a few negative emotions can lead me to positivism.

Uncertainty and fear – you were my start. You made me believe there could be certainty and bravery along the way. You made me take this arduous journey, with you two weighing me down.

They all say uphill is hard. It wasn’t. I shed you both little by little, as I moved up ahead. My head and heart are lighter now. I move fast.

You may ask, “Are you certain or brave now?” Maybe not. But, I am definitely not uncertain or scared.

And that was the last I saw of my negative emotions, as I turned away and gazed into the foggy emptiness of Mt. Bromo.

Then, I saw a thousand pair of eyes stare back at me. They’re all yours, dear people. Because, we’ve all been there.

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