The Magic Of Feeling Small

You can never win against nature. Nature is unforgiving. Beautiful, yet unforgiving.

The nature, the earth, this whole wide universe can teach you what your school can’t, what your job can’t, what your everyday life can’t. They can make you realize certain things after which you can never think in the same way.

To put things into perspective – the human eye is the widest ever lens – there is no other lens/ camera that can see as wide as we do in a single frame. Yet, my eyes could not see beyond 1% of Lake Toba and its surroundings.

Lake Toba in north Sumatra is the largest volcanic lake in the world formed as a result of the biggest super volcanic eruption 70,000 years ago. The eruption is said to have wiped out an entire population in SE Asia, with effects stretching up to East Africa.


I am here, in the middle of this calamity-turned-magnanimity, watching a beautiful sunrise unfold, my tiny brain unable to comprehend nature. We are all such ignorant little pricks, ignoring nature, ignoring how unforgiving it can be, how in a minute it can destroy us.

But, when you realize you are just a small dot, you feel liberated. Liberated from the chains of life – job, bills, relationships and everything. Even if for a moment, that feeling of liberation is most satisfying. You feel a sense of calm. There is fear, but it brings about calmness.

Every time you witness such magnanimity – watching a sunrise or a sunset, standing on top of the highest mountain, swimming in the middle of the sea, you come on terms with several unstated facts.

That you are just a speck in this entirety. You are even smaller. You are nothing.

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